Monday, April 12, 2010

Task Force for Obesity Management

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Task Force for Obesity Management (TOM)

“Look Younger-Live Longer”

(Initiative of Hyderabad Sports Medicine, Education and Research Foundation)

TOM-Programme: begins with a moderate registration fee; services are provided for one Decade by a team of experts from medical field.

  1. Individual Assessment:
  2. Risk Factors Assessment:
  3. Planning:
  4. Diet counseling:
  5. Exercise counseling:
  6. Behavioral Modification:
  7. Medical Monitoring:
  8. Programme Monitoring/ Follow up:
  9. Outcome:

Who can become a member?

  • Obese persons of all ages / Young ladies / House wives/ People with diseases/ All obese children / Sports persons / Fitness enthusiasts

How to become a member?

  • By paying onetime Rs15, 000/- one becomes a member.

Vision: To bring a sustainable change in population and their attitude towards achieving healthy bodies to prevent serious disease.

Mission: To lower the economic burden both on the individuals and the Nation by achieving the goals set by this task force.

Goal: Reduction in waist circumference there by reduction in visceral fat

Reduction in body weight close to ideal range

Reduction in discomfort, morbidity and disease, thus enhancing greater health benefits

Terms and Conditions:

· People become members by registering themselves for one decade

· Telephonic help-desk , SMS, News letters and E-mails will be used

· Planning will be done by TOM staff taking into consideration of convenience of the members

· Any associated medical problems are not covered under TOM, but positive advice will be rendered, Membership cannot be transferred, No refund of membership fee will be entertained

Contact: Hyderabad Spine Clinics, 36-134, defence colony, Sainikpuri post, Secunderabad. Tel: + 91 9440025781, 9849136940. E-mail: